Welcome to the home page for Andres Cordero, Jr.  The following internet properties are associated to my interests, activities, and services.

Andres Cordero, Jr. – Strategic Business Communicator

This is my professional website.  It is created to provide a comprehensive profile of my professional qualifications, employment experience, and academic preparation.

Capture Business – Proposal Writing Services

With over sixteen years of strategic business capture experience, Proposal Pros provide strategic sales capture support and planning, and development of business proposals to maximize sales efforts.

I Own My Brand – Personal Branding

This is my personal branding consultancy.  I provide comprehensive personal branding consulting and support, including brand assessment, strategy development, implementation, and training.


Designed for men, Soul Surge offers personal life fulfillment services to empower men to stand in their power and help them in their interpersonal, social, and erotic lives.

YouNique Cords

Handmade jewelry created from original beads, stones, and other materials, assembled by hand, serialized, and packaged.

Each is unique — for you and your loved one.

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