Welcome!I appreciate your interest in who I am and what I offer to the world!I am a sex educator, sexuality researcher, and embodied life coach. My passion is to help envision, create, deliver, and assess programs dedicated to enhancing the lives of others, particularly as it relates to their sexuality.I view sexuality from an all-encompassing lens. This means that from my perspective sexuality means many things. It includes who we are, how we "walk in the world," how we choose to interact with ourselves and with others, and how we express ourselves.For me, knowledge is the key to creating a better world for everyone. A lack of knowledge creates fear. Fear is the barrier. When we learn about what the world means to others, we can become more tolerant, accepting, and often even celebrate how they differ from us in our lives.In my work, I focus on embodiment. Embodiment means "of or from the body." To work with our body, we must begin by accepting that there is a kind of knowledge that exists within us. However, this knowledge is within the body, not the mind.Our culture often discourages us from exploring our bodies. By not exploring our bodies, we lack this "body knowledge." Often, however, this body knowledge may emerge instinctually when we are in an extreme emotional state. This may be in ecstatic joy, in profound peace, in challenging situations, or even in trauma.My life experiences led me to the kind of work I do today. I study, learn, and share forward what I discover in my life. By offering others this knowledge, I aim to encourage greater levels of compassion and understanding, which can lead to a better life.I hope you find the information on this site useful. Please let me know if you have any questions.Thank you again for visiting!

My Vision & Mission


“My vision is to help create a world where everyone:

  • Supports the full re-integration of mind, body, and spirit;

  • Fosters greater levels of intimacy, eroticism, and sexuality in their lives;

  • Authentically respects every person's body autonomy;

  • Recognizes each person's fundamental human right to their gender identity;

  • Appreciates each person's attractions to others; and

  • Respects everyone's sexual expressions.


I help empower organizations and individuals to achieve higher levels of healing and self-actualization by conducting sexuality research, creating dissemination strategies, preparing accurate information, offering supportive guidance, taking action, delivering supportive learning opportunities, and creating safe, affirming spaces for everyone's sexual expressions.


  • To envision, create, and deliver info and programs that are accurate, fact-based, and easy-to-understand for different populations.

  • To humanize (put in context) research data so that those who use the info can make the most use of the knowledge delivered.

  • To support those who encounter structural barriers to use sexuality info; barriers such as language, gender, orientation and expression.

  • To fiercely advocate for body autonomy, including the basic human right to be, and to express themselves as, what they know about themselves.

  • To advocate for the human right to self-determination, so long as the resulting determination does not violate the rights and safety of others.

  • To help synthesize evidence-based and emerging embodied knowledge for healing as well as for self-actualization.

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Education & Expertise


I am a lifelong learner. I believe that learning never stops, and is essential given the nature of the world we live in today.As a result of the diversity of experience in my career, I have fostered and refined my skills, knowledge, and abilities to bring the highest of quality and commitment to projects, programs, and employment.


Principal Investigator, Dissertation

The Sacred Intimacy Project

2022-2023 Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Co-Lead

The SeXploration Project

Coordinator, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Men's Programs

The Body Electric School

Program Support Team, United States

Urban Tantra Professional Training Program

Embodiment Coach / Assistant Surrogate Partner (Focusing on Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, or Questioning Men)

Integrative Mind-Body Therapies (IMBT International)

Formal Education

2014 - 2024

California Institute of Integral Studies

Ph.D., Human Sexuality, Sexuality Policy Leadership

2001 - 2004

Saint Edward's University

Master’s, Business Administration (MBA), Marketing

1989 - 1993

Trinity University

Bachelor of Arts, Communication, Minors in Spanish and Business Information Management

Experiential & Somatic Education

Sacred Intimacy Training

The Body Electric School

Tantra Training

Urban Tantra Professional Training Program

The Body Electric School

Surrogate Partner Training (Sex Surrogate Training) in the Expanded Triadic Model

Integrative Mind-Body Therapies (IMBT International)

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